Salute Solitude

The Horror Puppet Music Theater Performance

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On a bench in a forgotten corner of the city, in a dense fog of cigarette smoke and exhaust smog, a woman is drowning her sorrows in booze and loneliness. As the metropolis pulsates around her, mysterious visions of dreams and memories manifest themselves before her and she is haunted by traumas and ghosts of the past. The weight of life and the memory of a terrible accident surround her.


From (Iscene) review:
Emil Veber Rasmussen’s is as gentle a puppeteer as he is fierce as an adult-sized baby. The baby sequence is unsettling in its grotesque magnification of the familiar. The baby as a sad monster is finely tuned against the innocent encounter with the small child on the bench, and together with Frederik Bak’s excellent – sometimes forceful, sometimes gentle – sound universe it creates an absorption in the emotional currents of tragedy and hope.

Salute Solitude is based on a range of visual and musical genre conventions, but quite uniquely creates its own convincing horror universe, which at the same time is extremely humanly sensitive. The performance bodes well for the continued development of puppet theater for adults.

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